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WaveMaker is an easy-to-use and useful visual builder that enables the drag and drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases.
WaveMaker will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools.
The software enables data-driven and web-services based applications to be quickly created without complex code, forms, patterns or portal frameworks.
The app manages to reduce the time and cost of delivering new business applications.
With dramatically less code, visually assembled applications are cheaper to maintain and easier to manage. With its speed of development, simple web interface and support for web-services of any type, WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is Web-Fast like no other development tool.
WaveMaker deploys standard Java applications that core IT developers can maintain, manage, and extend with their existing tools and skills.


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Download > https://urlca.com/2n227s






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A newly released visual programming platform for developing dynamic and efficient web applications that are easy to maintain and extend.
Using WaveMaker, applications can be developed quickly and efficiently without the need to learn Visual Basic, Java, or similar technology.
With WaveMaker, you will develop your applications using a graphic interface, without coding a single line of code.
The finished application will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers.
WaveMaker Architectures:
Web-based interface for building web applications using a drag and drop interface and by visualizing screens, forms, tables and text, among other things.
SQL enabled data stores and adapters for Web service, Java Library and spreadsheet applications.
Use the following types of applications with WaveMaker:
Web applications;
Java Library applications;
Spreadsheet Applications;
Freeform application;
How to use WaveMaker:
Create interactive form-based and data-driven applications with a simple but extensive graphic interface.
Drag and drop and configuration applications will look and feel particularly familiar to client/server developers.
Massive amounts of code are generated automatically for database access and Web service access.
Create applications based on database tables using the table driven language (TDL).
Create database queries and automate and enhance the generation of forms based on data from relational databases.
Convert existing applications developed with other platforms into a Java-based application using Web Services.
Simplify web access and work flow applications by using a graphical web application.
Use an advanced visualization to work with complex forms that are then compiled into a form-based application.
Quickly and easily generate applications based on a generic workflow using workflow engines, spreadsheets, scripts, or Java code.
Create database-driven business applications faster and more efficiently than using a classical programming environment.
Windows and Macintosh binaries are available.
WaveMaker Requirements:
Windows or Macintosh (with Java 1.6 or higher installed)
Java 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8
Java WebKit
Java Applets (for internet explorer)
Add-On for Oracle JDeveloper 11g
Learn more about WaveMaker:
Official WaveMaker Web Site:
WaveMaker Web-Blog:
WaveMaker Downloads:
WaveMaker Downloads:


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Deploy Java Code as a Web Service or Website.
Generate and customize code for web services and websites, at scale.
Produce secure, reliable, and easy-to-use Java applications for popular web technologies.
Generate CRUD, Web Service, Web, REST, or Website using simple development tools,
and manage application development, deployment, and maintenance with your existing IDE tools.
With WaveMaker Cracked Accounts, you can deploy Java-based applications to popular hosted servers, such as Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Rackspace, and Joyent.
With WaveMaker, you can load balance and dynamically scale your Java applications with Elastic Beanstalk, a fully managed cloud-computing service and application hosting platform.
1) Create Applications using drag & drop visual builder.
Build scalable and powerful web applications on the server without the complex code and workflows found in commercial and open-source web-application frameworks.
WaveMaker is uniquely positioned to ease the deployment of Java-based applications. With its visual builder and scripting, developers can create Java applications in an order of magnitude faster than traditional Java frameworks.
With WaveMaker Visual Ajax Builder, drag-and-drop visual builder, and drag-and-drop wizards, programmers can configure Java applications without writing any Java code at all. With WaveMaker, developers can generate Java applications with visual user-interfaces, based on a set of guidelines and master template, without writing even one line of Java code.
2) Deploy Applications as a Web Service, Website, or Client
Applications created with WaveMaker can be deployed as a web service, as a website hosted using popular CDNs like Akamai and MaxCDN, or as a full-blown application to a self-hosted server.
Deploy as a Website?
WaveMaker can compile and deploy applications as an extensible, flexible, open-source website in a few clicks.
Compile and deploy your applications as a web service in minutes?
Just select the server runtime and button to deploy.
Generate a scalable, highly available application using web components?
Deploy application on the cloud?
Create a scalable, cloud-based application in minutes.
3) Generate CRUD, Web Service, Web, REST, or Website
WaveMaker generates the complete set of code, including the front-end, database schema, business logic, and a user interface for your application.
4) Database-driven Applications with Data Loading and

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1. Perfect for any developer to quickly build or modify Web applications.
2. Use WML to build any kind of Web Application.
3. Build real-world Web Applications without any coding.
4. Develop web applications faster with much less code.
5. Modify, deploy, and administer applications without any programming skills.
6. Generate Web Applications and Web Services using Visual Builder and Java APIs.
7. Web-Services Administration and management with a single web interface.
8. A GUI-based Java IDE that supports a wide range of visual builders with drag and drop widgets that have compiled Java code.
9. A tool that lets you rapidly build applications for the Java 2 Platform
10. Full Drag and Drop Visual Builder functionality with Java and AJAX.
11. Production ready: both XPand J2EE applications can be built with WaveMaker, and WaveMaker can create any kind of application for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.
12. Integrated ISV, Web Services and UI toolkit, Management console and Administration for all of your WaveMaker applications.
13. Built-in deployment tools that automate the creation of your application for your users.
14. Simple enough for you to put it to work day after day, yet powerful enough for you to change and grow with it.
15. Expressive visual drag and drop builder with flexible visual blocks of code, data binding, and translation.
16. Supports XPages, JavaServer Pages, JSP, and other Web technologies.
17. Enterprise Ready – Allow for drag and drop, web services, and whatever next-generation technologies you like.
18. WaveMaker can create both XPages and Java Servlets applications.
19. Create a combination of any XPages and/or Servlet and Web Service as a single application.
20. Integrated XML editors, APIs, templates, and administration tools.
21. The WaveMaker IDE enables you to quickly create drag-and-drop UI code from Java without coding a single line.
22. Understand, manage, and extend applications as simple XML objects.
23. Use XML APIs to rapidly create any type of application from nearly any XML-based technology.
24. Very easy to use from any development environment including Linux, Windows, and Macintosh.
25. Easy-to-learn, Fast-learning, and Development-Short.
26. Built-in support for Mobile (XML for Mobile) and API Web Services.

What’s New in the WaveMaker?

WaveMaker, in short, is a visual Ajax framework with a built-in and powerful code generator. It can be deployed into two different modes: model-driven and code-driven.
WaveMaker is a Visual Ajax Framework built on top of Eclipse RCP and Cocoon WCM.
This is the biggest advantage of WaveMaker. It is a Model Driven Web Application Framework that does not need to create an HTML file, but generates HTML code from your database.
WaveMaker, as a web application framework, provides several features to make your life easier.
If you intend to create a web based application, first you need to know HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Then you need to learn about Java and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). In order to know how to develop a web application, you have to understand the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) and XML world.
In this case, what you need to know are the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) technologies, the data access technologies, etc.
If you are familiar with these requirements, you can start to design your application.
If you are familiar with the end user interface design, you can start to design your application. But, if you have never used these technologies, you might be confused and have little knowledge to design the application.
The language of WaveMaker is Java.
If you are a Java developer, WaveMaker is not a long time burden on your brain, but helps you to create web applications with ease.
It starts with building your data layer of your application.
After you have this information, you can easily write your user interface.
As a result, your Java application can be deployed on the web server without any special tool.
You can easily design and build your user interface with a web editor or you can use a modeling tool.
The whole project of generating code and deploy can be done in a WCM (Web Content Management) site.
So, you can build your application in a distributed development team without a server (unlike similar tools).
If you can do this, then you can deploy in a web site or application.
The framework provides services such as WCM (Web Content Management) sites, SOAP and REST services for database access and remote control.
You can easily modify existing Web Applications and add new application functions or new features to them.
It has a nice and clean WCM site (Web Content Management site) and a great online editor.

System Requirements:

DirectX: 11
Hard Drive: 8GB
Mac OSX: 10.9.2 or Higher
Monitor: 1024×768 or higher
Keyboard & Mouse: Mac or Windows
Controller: Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox 360 Controller (Pro): XBOX One S (L/R)
Controller (Standard): Xbox One S XBOX One X (L/R)
Please note: Changes to minimum specs have been made to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S to


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