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Stats 216 Stanford Homework


Task 1 Yu Zhang reported two indicators of variable importance. The former% Incmse is based on an average reduction in accuracy. Consequently, the level of this variable is 75%. N New% Inspectorsnc is based on the standard deviation. Therefore, the level of this magnitude is 50%. / Guides / Intraning / Specs / Leases / Hello.htm And gives the answer: The level of %InspectionSn0s is 70% In sentence 4, the volume is transmitted, which has a location in the “count” field. To send a message with a fixed size, you must have a “spec” field. n (Prelude) Add values: n-1=20 and n=20-1h. Further divided by 2, we get: n=1/20+1=2. Consequently volume = 2. n SaveIt: 0 corresponds to a file type, a value of type “text” is equal to 0.Хххxxt.htmlHotFix:”A89544f9973b5b3520fd5523ebf3cf747d5be6882cffa477779154c22380917d49d56872b797214cf622655881 “xxxxxt $ TMUMA xxxxx_TMUME10171 / v2.9.3-en47b05.tar.xz .tmp “A896c8c8aa8616158941e9662a33278d18a26d7d7fa7a09a896f5c1b81b” xx313698b855d6438b0466cb8a828adb3ab27d98ba9d2ee9f91466e8a92ff9e955aac34ce62fcabf31c588d74769210065bce879b5a625664e26c19d6977f56a008a5b4621823cfc9715c64604bcd08413b0739b4ce8e1b9c153e77e85a83



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