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When I first loaded the game it was just a black screen.n Then when I got it to work it crashed on the character creation screen a couple of times. victory, but the struggle continues.
I managed children and households, was engaged in construction and ancient rituals, by this time I had mastered several spells, but after another unsuccessful attempt, I felt threatened by the priests, who sowed confusion among the children. It turned out that I was overthrown from all the places where I used to be, some kind of cunning demagogues and substituting personalities, arranged a new law on my lands. And now my former community is in danger.
“You can’t beat them,” I said bitterly. “Each demon has nearly limitless magical abilities.
Witches, druids and other light magicians, united in guilds, resist them. Now the streets of the city are swarming with their detachments, they have made bloody sacrifices, and new rogues have taken my place. I already did everything I could.
In recent days, I have been trying to fortify the city. He restored the old bastions, updated the pavements. Even gathered several groups of diggers who are digging in graves, digging in sewers, digging in mines, scouring the forests in search of valuable things that can save the country. Numerous groups of bandits have poured into my area, who hire street magicians for protection, or, at worst, diggers to dig graves. And these people are again looking for the one who gave birth to their restless blood.
And some of my precious children, such as Master Meje and his followers, gained access to the dungeons, where they discovered untold riches, but I did not allow them to enter the lair of the priests.
I promised Dumbledore that no matter what, I would try to find a sage who could teach magic at the school and that I would pay for my education. I canceled all my business and plunged headlong into the search. I rode a horse through the city, collecting evidence to find him, but all my attempts were in vain.
Finally, I gave up. I no longer had the strength to rush along the forest paths. I abandoned my search and wandered aimlessly around the city.
In the evenings I returned home filled with anxiety, like the shadow of Hamlet’s father.



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