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A few weeks ago an artist friend showed me her spring show at her gallery. I couldn’t wait to get home to show my son the pictures. Out of the nine artists she displayed, I thought the guy, who I only knew from his work (he had a show at the gallery a few years before), was by far the most talented.

The night I made this entry, I went to see his work. I was in the “bigger audience” section, as opposed to the “gallery visitors” section, for the opening. The artist had a lot of press for his work and I was genuinely surprised that he gave a small talk to the gallery visitors. In other words, he told them why he made the paintings they were looking at and answered their questions. He had clearly researched his subject matter thoroughly and he provided deep insight into his work.

To say this success was surprising to me is a major understatement.

Anyway, my son noticed the paintings and he instantly began to list the reasons why he didn’t think they were that good. At that point I realized that I’m not being objective in passing judgment on other people’s art, but that I had the ability to be objective about the art I make and my opinion. He did end the conversation saying, “They weren’t your best work.” My son has been getting into the real estate business and I think he is looking to step into an upper-level position. I don’t think he is into fine art, but he has an appreciation of the art that he sees in galleries. He is much more sophisticated than I was when I began selling art to private collectors and galleries.

I learned that even though he knew I was a better artist, he recognized the strengths of other artists. I learned that it

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Set the intention of being free of anxiety. You can follow this by saying:

‘I am letting go of all anxiety in my life’

Or ‘I am no longer afraid of life and fear’

Follow this with 2 seconds of silence, then say:

‘I am safe’

‘I am happy’

Or any of your values.

Know that being happy takes action. You don’t hold on to happiness, rather it comes by going out there, putting things in motion, taking action. You can have a place for things to be as long as you’re taking action, and that’s your happiness.

It might sound funny, but it works.

There are many different tools for relieving anxiety. The methods you use depend on how bad your anxiety is, and how much confidence you have in your ability to overcome it.

Meditation, light stretching, and controlled breathing can all help improve your state of relaxation, in order to be free from anxiety.

Don’t be afraid to become an anxious person, but don’t be a hard person. Understand that anxiety can be a natural part of your life.

In the end, we all want to be happy. We all want to be safe.

Until you’re ready to do it, I can only hope you’ll find more peace within yourself when life knocks you down, and when it does, a better you will rise.// go run mkasm_darwin.go arm
// Code generated by the command above; DO NOT EDIT.

// +build go1.13

#include “textflag.h”
TEXT ·libc_fdopendir_trampoline(SB),NOSPLIT,$

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