Recovertool V2.00.33 L1224.exe (11.0 Mb) [PORTABLE] ♛

Recovertool V2.00.33 L1224.exe (11.0 Mb) [PORTABLE] ♛

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Recovertool V2.00.33 L1224.exe (11.0 Mb)

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Why do I get an error when I use Entity framework?

I have the following code. I am going to persist the UserId in the User table of the DbContext.
But I get the following error:

{“The EntitySet ‘Users’ contains no EntityType with the name ‘User’.”}

using (ModelUserContext db = new ModelUserContext())
var user = new User
Id = 1,
UserName = “User1”

I am not sure where the error is. Any ideas?


It sounds like you do not have an entity for User, as you say in your error message: “The EntitySet ‘Users’ contains no EntityType with the name ‘User’.”
Are you looking for something like this?
using (ModelUserContext db = new ModelUserContext())
db.Users.Add(new User()
Id = 1,
UserName = “User1”

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