PC Game – Conan The Dark Axe [Multi5] [Tntvillage] No Survey No Password No Download ((NEW))

PC Game – Conan The Dark Axe [Multi5] [Tntvillage] No Survey No Password No Download ((NEW))

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PC Game – Conan The Dark Axe [Multi5] [Tntvillage] No Survey No Password No Download

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PC Game – Conan The Dark Axe [Multi5] [Tntvillage] no survey no password
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PC Game – Conan The Dark Axe [Multi5] [Tntvillage] no survey no password no download
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SmsManager.SendTextAsync: await is not allowed in a task

Using a Sent Task (Sent with await keyword) I’m trying to send a SMS message from my Windows 10 UWP app.
Task _sent = Sent.Text(_sentDuration, _message);
await _sent;

Receiving SMS works fine – but sending SMS fails with an exception:

System.Exception: Async method is not allowed in a task or async method.

It seems to be the await inside SendTextAsync.
The same code works fine if I wrap the await inside a task (and remove the await _sent)
I also tried to add TaskCompletionSource _sentTask = new TaskCompletionSource


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