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To try to avoid casual sex, wouldn’t someone want to find the right person to hook up with for more depth and fun? Well, sure.
But if you’re tired of having to play the role of “casual” or “serious” for a person, or you’re ready to test the waters to see what’s out there, well, you can pretty much do that on any dating app. And when you’re set up on a date with someone through a dating app, it’s your responsibility to take time to figure out if you’re actually interested in them.
Yes, dating apps will seem like they are making casual sex more accessible, but even in those apps where the number of users can have you unsure who you’re meeting, you still have to go through a lengthy process of creating a profile, sharing a photo, and other matters. A dating app is more of a more honest method, and you can meet people at your speed.
If you want to seek out a casual encounter using an app, you’ll most likely want to do so in private. Casual encounters can be a less serious approach to meeting and engaging with people, but no one is really going to try to propose to someone they met in person, or follow you around, or message you, only to meet you the next day and say, “Hey, you know how we never really went out? Yeah, I’d like to ask you to be my girlfriend now.”
This is because it isn’t that casual. It’s casual in the literal sense that there’s no commitment. There’s also no commitment in bringing someone back to your bed (if you do bring them back) or your bed to theirs, with no discussion, or at least clear boundary established.
Someone who is casual isn’t someone who just meets people on a dating app because that type of speed dating has not yet been invented. Someone who is casual understands that the idea of “serious” and “casual” are really made for each other — casual means more freedom, but it also means that you have to take your time to figure out what you want out of the relationship.
Getting naked with strangers can be really fun and liberating — especially if you do it on a dating app. But like any sort of risk, people who do decide to get naked with strangers should be informed about the risks.
Can casual sex make you high?
If you’re talking about the sort of thing we may say casual sex might make you do, you might want to
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But sometimes you meet someone and things just don’t click. In that case, it doesn’t mean they are bad for you, it just means that as of yet you haven’t found a common ground. As challenging as it may be to seem open about your sexual needs, chances are good that the person you’re dating has the same curiosity. You’re in it together, and you should be.

Can I get an what if? Just like it’s not bad to get laid once or twice a week and many people have full sex lives that consist of this kind of casual hookups, is getting laid every day or two bad for you? Much like we’ve talked about in terms of weekly hookups, getting laid every other day can be just as dangerous to your health. Both of these questions assume you are a healthy person and are actively working to take care of yourself. Though it is important to keep in mind that if you have a high sex drive and are trying to work out the kinks in your sex life, a little frequent sex can be beneficial.

How often should you have sex?
According to the CDC, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men have an STD, and while some STDs are curable, many of them are not. The most common of these are chlamydia and gonorrhea. But, what about people who have other STDs that are not curable? For example, what if you have herpes? Well, in that case, it is best to not have sex with someone you know you are infected with herpes. Once again, this is assuming that you are actually in a healthy sexual and emotional place. Because if you are not, and you are just doing it to be sexual, you should stay away from having sex.

Because of the rise in online dating, casual sex seems to be more acceptable than ever. Though it’s become somewhat trendy, the media is starting to criticize the concept.

Is casual sex the new way of dating?

Are casual sex apps the future of love?

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By adopting the online dating model, casual sex has moved into the mainstream. But could that mean a slippery slope for men who only want one thing in a sexual partner? As mainstream dating becomes more casual, some questions remain: are most people going to stay committed for love?

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