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Office 2010 Professional Crack Key For Windowsl


When you start Office 2010, you’ll see a ‘Welcome’ message.
It’s best to have an idea of what Office 2010 can do before deciding to buy it.
For example, it has advanced spreadsheets and other tools that are required to work in business.
These features are the subject of a series of online tutorials and help files that you can access from the Learn tab in the Help window.
Startup This feature is available on the File tab of the Ribbon.
If you click the Startup button, you can locate the ‘Active Desktop’ feature that you see at the bottom of the Taskbar in most Windows® programs.
This is the Office 2010 program’s version of the Windows® 8 Start Screen.

l The Marketing materials for Office 2010 include a link to the Office 2010 Online Help, which has a useful section on the Welcome screen.
The Excel team provides a walkthrough of this feature in the content area of the Help.
To get to the content area, start Office 2010, click the Help link in the Action pane, and then click the Help button on the Ribbon.
Figure 7–1. About section of the Help window in Office 2010
Another link in this area allows you to download sample files, and they’re useful in helping you get started.
Access to this data is provided by other installed Office 2010 programs.
Create a new spreadsheet in Office 2010 and the Data button is on the Ribbon.
This button will open the Data menu, allowing you to create, save, and print a copy of your files.
You can also copy or open data in a linked file, and Excel allows you to filter down a set of numbers and create charts.
The Chart gallery is available on the Data tab, and you can filter or sort the data in any way that you want.
Different color and font settings can change the appearance of the chart, and you can use the formatting tools to get the chart layout exactly as you want.

The Format menu

Figure 7–2. This graph shows the number of customers per days.
Another tab on the ribbon, the Home tab includes the Styles and Tools, Drawing, and Drawing Tools tabs.
You can create and use charts and graphs in Excel 2010.
Creating your own charts and graphs is a topic for another book, but after you create them you can use the Formatting tab to add colors, fonts, and shapes to the graph


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