Linguatec Voice Reader Studio 2008 Crack LINK 🏁

Linguatec Voice Reader Studio 2008 Crack LINK 🏁

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Linguatec Voice Reader Studio 2008 Crack

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This appears to be a trojan which is addresses, including MIT. The following is a nice collection of links to the full riddle:

You can read the whole riddle by clicking this link.


Linq to Entities expression

I am trying to translate this linq query to linq to entities.
var data = from f in db.Folders
from r in db.Tickets
from t in db.Tickets
where f.Id == id &&
(r.Id == id || r.Id == t.Id || t.Id == r.Id)
select new {
Folder = f,
Ticket = r,
Ticket2 = t,
Ticket3 = t.Parent,

This is the linq query
var data = (from f in db.Folders

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