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InstantNotes provides a note-taking application that can prove helpful during online research sessions and, why not, in your daily activity. It stores plaintext notes that can be easily organized in different notebooks to keep everything at hand.
Free and demo editions available
There are two InstantNotes editions available. The free edition comes with the base functionality only and, therefore, you will find grayed-out functions within its menus. On the other hand, the demo edition enables you to experiment with the extended feature set and get an overview of the capabilities of the full version.
Keep in mind that the demo edition also comes with support for more advanced features, such as popup notes, clickable URLs, image support, text obfuscation, and more.
Convenient note management tools
The main window of InstantNotes comprises all the management, filtering and searching options within a single tab, while the application's settings are located in another. All the notes are stored in a base folder which, in turn, stores all the notebooks, each with a collection of TXT notes.
Aside from notes and folder management options, InstantNotes also allows the quick sorting of notes and comes with a few functions that are meant to ease your work and improve your experience. For instance, it is possible to insert the current date or a few predefined snippets into a text note and check for duplicate entries throughout the base folder.
Hashtag support and integrated in-note search
Notes come with support for hashtags, which are used by the search algorithm of InstantNotes. The built-in search form enables you to find keywords not just in the currently opened note, but in all the folders. Additionally, InstantNotes displays all the tags in a separate panel, allowing you to access the notes that contain a hashtag with just a few clicks.
To keep your data safe, InstantNotes automatically syncs the notes with Dropbox. The creation date and the hidden state are also uploaded to the cloud.
Handy note taking application
The utmost feature of InstantNotes is its fast search algorithm based on hashtags and keywords. On the downside, there are a few features that, although present in other similar applications, are only available in the demo version and not in the free one as well. Even so, with the upcoming functionality that the developers announce, InstantNotes could become a reputable competitor in its category.


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► The note taking application to replace all your paper notes
► Keep your notes easily available
► Works well during online research sessions and for an everyday note taking

TxtDocX V1.0.92014-11-16T09:54:30Z
note taking app
TxtDoc is the most powerful solution to help you take notes, grab documents, print it, share it, save it to the cloud, comment it, and quickly transform your notes to PDF form.
1.Set PDF documents as the default output format
2.Print documents
3.Save to cloud
4.Comment on documents
5.Send files to app by Wifi
6.Support file formats: doc, docx, xls, ppt, pps, pdf, png, jpg, tif, gif, bmp, wbmp, pp2, pptp
7.Search files
8.File size/folder size/copy/cut limitation:
5MB/doc: 20M/docx: 50M/xls: 120M/ppt: 60M/pptx: 60M/pdf: 50M/png: 50M/jpg: 50M/tiff: 50M/bmp: 50M/wbmp: 50M/pp2: 500K
9.Note limit: unlimited
10.Capacity limit: 256M
11.Support for loading from local folder:
wifi, sdcard/mnt/sdcard/sdcard/mnt/sdcard, extratxtcard, hotpltcard and filemanager
12.Set your text emphasis notes to be different from your plain text notes
13.Support for images
14.Support for translation
15.Icon hint text
Hi, developers, have released v2.0.0.
Bug fixed:
1.Index speed has been greatly improved
2.Autofill function is enhanced
3.Content deletion button is added, could not find any button or button bar for delete text content.
Simple and modern notes taking app. Speed and efficient is priority for this app.
1.Support to highlight text, tag, text note, if tag is not appropriate, could add its own tag.
2.Support to automatically set text emphasis (change text color).
3.Support to save file as pdf, jpg, png, gif,

InstantNotes For PC

InstantNotes is a free online text note taking application, which enables you to annotate your thoughts, research and ideas while staying on track and focused.
Simply create a new note and start writing. You can generate and sort tabs; add keywords, hash tags and other annotations. Immediately preview your annotations and comments so you stay on track.
Your notes are available for offline access by syncing with Dropbox. Just open the menu bar > Preferences > Notes to sync your notes with Dropbox.
InstantNotes Features:
• Free & simple to use
• Never lose your notes again
• Provide a great way to write, note and annotate thoughts
• Sync notes with Dropbox
• Quick and visual search
• Hash tag support
• Work with files, images, documents, videos, links and more
• Access your notes, annotations and reminders even on multiple devices
• Offline access

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InstantNotes With License Code For PC

Speed up your writing by adding a research summary to any text document.
Keeps a record of what you’re interested in
and then makes it easy to find later.
Text notes and notes containing hashtags to help find the perfect note.
Pretty simple and straightforward.
Tired of searching through every note in all your folders?
InstantNotes is the perfect all in one note taking application.
✔ Keep track of a research summary to save time on every notes.
✔ Keep your notes in a few different notebooks.
✔ Filters out irrelevant notes with notes that you are not currently interested in.
✔ Find notes containing hashtags with ease.
✔ Pics in notes are hashed to keep your data safe.
✔ Link notes to make them easier to find.
✔ Search notes by date, content, author or recency.
✔ Search notes by typing in the search box.
✔ Convert any notebook into a link so you can easily share it.
Just create a note and upload it to your website or share it in a forum.
Integrated into Twitter and Reddit.
✔ Allows you to drag and drop notes into any other website from your research summary.
✔ Search Tweets on Twitter or Reddit for notes with a hashtag.
✔ See your notes in your feed.
Configure shortcuts for easy access.
This is a free, fully functional, open source application.
I have tested it for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and it works seamlessly.
As far as my experience goes, it’s the only app of its kind that I have seen that is working perfectly.
There are a few downsides, like the fact that it’s not as fast as it should be, you cannot sync notes with multiple accounts, and it does not have as many features as it could.
In terms of features, there’s the ability to manage hashtags for a note, but not for the whole file, links, autocorrect, dark mode and a few other, but these are features that are lacking in any other notepad application.
There are currently over 12,000 active bugs in the application, so don’t get too excited if this happens to you!
I think it’s a good app, but it seems a bit buggy.
If you want a quick, simple note-taking app, I would suggest using this.
The interface is very clean and simple.
It is a

What’s New in the?

Keep your notes and important thoughts in one place with instant notes.
Get a simple and clean interface that only contain what you need.
Take notes, save them into notebooks, and export them to other data file format.
Manage your notes/notes/notes at one place!
Share and import notes on other devices easily.
Automatically sync your notes on Dropbox.
Use your notes on another device and stay safe, it’s encrypted!
Create a search form for searching all notes.

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