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Peer-to-peer file-sharing is not the only way to download torrents. There are numerous websites that provide free torrents with the help of a third party, who provides the IP addresses of the source torrent files. One such website is is a well-known torrent site that enables users to download torrents for free and anonymously. Though this site is safe to use and contains no malware that can harm you, you need to be wary of how you use the site. Logging into the site and downloading torrents is fairly easy, but due to the fact that it is a well-known site, its popularity in number of seeds and leechers make it a little difficult to search for a particular torrent in large groups, so be sure to use a good guide.

Grendydl is one of the coolest and most loved torrent site. It offers a wide range of content available to its visitors and serves its user so very well. Although this site is not as popular as many, it is still ranked amongst the top torrent sites in the world with a large number of seeds and leechers.The site has a great user interface that will really make you feel comfortable when it comes to downloading torrents. You can search your favorite torrents at the site as well as search for the latest content by the creators. The site is super easy to use as well and is powered by an efficient anti-DDoS system.

The name says it all. BitTorrent is one of the best torrent websites out there for someone who wishes to download torrent files. This site allows you to search for your desired torrent files and download them for free. Torrent files are ranked on the basis of their seedrat – a value derived from the number of peers providing those files. Overall, it has one of the best user interfaces out there. Since this site focuses more on the peer ratings of torrent files, this gives the users the opportunity to help other users get in touch with the makers.

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