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Mozilla Firefox for Android is the most downloaded Android App and extremely the most popular browser. However it is slow and heavy and the other browsers can run much faster, faster than Firefox. In the Superceding section you can find a complete listing for all available updates.

Obtain the newest versions of the best apps from the best apps stores with the top apps. The App Store is the largest and most popular platform for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, while Google Play is designed for Android devices. is the smallest computer ever built that runs an operating system called NEM (it’s an operating system tailored to fit in a microcomputer with 128Mb of RAM and that runs at 12Mhz), is a watch , read a watch , a robot and a solar panel that can download the Internet.

Well then, here is the best! Earthquakes Data allows you to view the most recent earthquakes that have hit your local area. Earthquakes are rare enough for most people, but when you need to know where an earthquake has happened, this is a useful resource.

Ninite is a “one-click” installer for dozens of popular software. You can install games, movies, apps, and even auto-updates! Just add your favorite apps and watch them install in seconds. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, we always have custom lists too! Ninite QS lets you create custom lists of apps to install with Ninite. Whether it’s a browser, productivity apps, a game or anything in between, you can setup a personalized list that only installs what you want.

Completely secure & invisible: TEAMsURGE is a VPN service you use to access blocked or restricted websites. Works without a firewall. Whatever, whatever you’re after, TeamSurge will get it to you without ever having to know or set up a password.

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