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Sign up for The Cheat Sheet to get the best news, tips and advice from Washingtonpost. As long as we’re on the subject of casual sex, here’s a question for you: Does “casual sex” and “being slutty” mean the same thing, or are they two different things? We’ve all been told that there are morally bad forms of sex, whereas casual sex is a wholesome and responsible activity. But what about, say, the “25 Pick Up Lines Every Guy Should Know” list? Or is anything casual that you’ve engaged in casual? Does something have to have strings attached in order for it to count as casual? Should you feel bad about having casual sex? Casual sex can be a lot of fun — as long as you’re not the one getting dominated or feel like the one being used. But that’s a whole other article. A lot of people think that casual sex is just about sex — as in the “you and your partner are equal” type of thing. But in reality, casual sex is more often about either comfort, novelty, validation, or a few of each. However, what casual sex can be to you depends on your personality, needs, and dating history — something that might all contribute to your ultimate decision to have casual sex. Casual hookup apps have taken the world by storm. Sex with no strings attached is the future. Not only do these dating apps make it super easy for casual sex aficionados to connect with their next one-night stand, they help facilitate hookups that are on-demand, location-based, and often tied to music festivals. So now it’s your turn. If you’re looking to jump into some sex, and not a committed relationship, where do you go to find a dick? Let us know, and we’ll see you on Tinder. The first and most important difference between a hookup and a casual sex is that there are no expectations. Hookups are, uh, you know what we’re trying to say, are usually pairings that include expectations of exclusivity or commitment. The difference between a casual hookup and a casual sex is the same as it is in a casual relationship: None of that. I think it’s important to make the distinction between casual sex and hookups when talking about the difference between bad hookup experiences and casual sex that feels great. But first, let’s talk about hookups. If you’re looking for a one-
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It’s fine to call a hookup “casual,” but most of us have different meanings for the word. The most important thing is to realize that it just means that the sexual encounter is casual. So don’t let preconceived notions about what the word “casual” means control your sex life. As long as you’re OK with it being that way, you’re fine. How to meet and connect with people in your area, use this app and get laid Wilden, 34, asked Millar, 27, if the duo could enjoy sexual activity but not use any lotion or lubrication due to her aversion to latex. “Would it be OK to do oral sex without lube?” Wilden jokingly asked. I like being rough. That’s the thing about me, I don’t like it when you’re not rough with me,” Millar said. “Ok, then I like being rough with you, that’s fine,” Wilden said. “Any chance we can do that tonight?” asked Millar. “Well if we can’t I guess I have to come up with something. But you know what, I really want to work this out,” she added. This time Millar’s eyes turned down, and she wore a dopey grin on her face. At least half a dozen women have come forward in the last few months alleging that… Wilden said that the usual lesson was not enough for her, so he asked Millar if it would be ok to return the favor and give her a back rub. Millar looked up from the tube of lotion and giggled a bit. Wilden took the bottle and put it back in the small drawer of the nightstand next to Millar. “So, what do you think I can do to help? I usually do a good job of that,” Wilden said. “I can’t. I just don’t want anyone to know about it,” Millar said, giggling again. “I’m too embarrassed. I like to be looked at hard and not feel this way. She seems to have touched the base of the conflict that exists within our heads when we think of “casual sex.” There is a current trend of girls being oh-so-humiliated by “slut shaming,” when someone labels her as a “slut” for doing something she herself has classified as casual, which has been the case even when casual sex

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