Hellox Dynamic Lapel Caller Mic Voice Recording Filter Microphone for

Price: ₹499.00 - ₹199.00
(as of Sep 27,2022 01:17:02 UTC – Details)

1. Ever wanted a better voice recording device for streaming your videos or live? Microphone is your best choice. With our Lapel Coller Microphone Ultra compatibility, you can easily record audio or video on just a few devices. It is compatible with Android/ Windows Smartphone and PC etc. For later series you will need to power up to 3.5 mm adapter, which is already included in yours. Use it on your laptop or PC: You can easily use this microphone on your laptop or PC, just with this PC adapter. Apart from this, it can also be used on most Dslrs. Feel free to ask us if you have any doubts about compatibility. 2. Offers Hello Brand Microphone, perfect for video use, designed for Smartphone, DSLR, Camcorder, Audio Recorder, PC etc. The lavalier microphone has a single pickup pattern, for full, 360-degree coverage. An integrated meter cable with 3.5mm jack can connect directly to smartphones, most cameras. For Smartphone: Compact, Attractive Appearance, Close Up High Sensitivity High Quality Design Fit Voice Chat, Video Conferencing, Voice Recording, Online Karaoke Clip-on Design, It Can Be Clipped To Your Shirt, Collar Or Put In A Small Pocket . Colour: Black Product Type: 3.5mm Audio Jack to Headphone Used with Microphone Splitter: Please Note: This 3.5mm jack splitter does not support external mic. Use a 2 pin 3.5 mm jack with one jack for headphone and the other with mic out. All Mobile Phones / Android Handsets / Tablets / Laptops and Any Mobile Device with Combo Headphone / Mic Jack (3.5 mm Jack): Description: 3.5mm Audio Jack to Headphone Microphone Splitter Converter Adapter Mobile Tab. Using this cable to split the headphone/microphone signal from your mobile device, it works with microphones and line-level instruments. It cannot be used to split audio output into two separate sets of headphones or speakers. Some laptops and mobile devices will not work with all external microphones. “Thank you for choosing TruBuy Wish you Happy Shopping” Using this cable

Simple Operation: Precise design and convenient carrying.
EASY TO USE: Clip-on design, easy to clip it to your shirt, collar or small pocket.
Connector: 3.5mm type jack can be connected to PC/Laptop/Wireless Microphone Transmitter with 3.5mm Line-in/Mic.
Use for: YouTube, Interviews, Recording, Podcasting, Conference Calls. Now you can reproduce your voice instantly, no extra plugs or batteries needed.

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