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Excel2HTML Interactive software is designed to be a dramatically new type of export from Excel to the Internet. After exporting the program, data search and sort abilities are added to a plain HTML page.
Most importantly, the sorting is data-type sensitive and the search can be accomplish via certain columns or all tables. To take advantage of all these features, one does not need to have a certain database at the web site, to know any programming language or to hire programmers to write and update the database driven data at the web site. A free web host with the minimum abilities is sufficient and one can simply copy the generated web page to the site.

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1. Excel2HTML Interactive Crack For Windows is an interactive export program which converts MS Excel tables to stand-alone HTML pages.
2. The program works as a utility, converting and saving MS Excel tables, to the corresponding web pages. You can export tables to HTML pages in stand-alone mode or publish the HTML web pages to web server.
3. The program contains several export options, like color, non-color, texts, forms, tables, graphics, charts, hyperlinks and rows/columns.
4. The web pages exported by the program may be the “normal” text pages, which are of no great interest to the users.
5. Excel2HTML Interactive can handle tables which has rich data formats, like the ones in the.XLS or.XLSX Excel spreadsheet format.
6. The program is a browser independent application. It is web-based, meaning that all the functions are supported by the HTTP protocol. The end-user do not need to download any browser.
7. Excel2HTML Interactive can export or save the data in HTML tables to be later displayed in one of the many browsers.
8. In addition, Excel2HTML Interactive offers the following options:
– Import from Excel: Export from Excel is a new feature in Excel2HTML Interactive, which is designed to import data from Excel to the program and display them in a pre-defined view.
– HTML Table Export: By default, the program exports all tables to HTML. However, the user has the ability to export the tables to a web server and by doing so, he will be able to view the tables by an end-user without an Internet connection.
– HTML Table Import: Import from HTML allows users to import tables from the HTML page to the program. The imported tables can be set to an existing view or a new view of the program.
– HTML Table Export + Import: The HTML Table Export + Import feature allows users to export a table to the program and then import the table from the program to the HTML page.
– HTML Table Copy: The HTML Table Copy feature allows users to copy and paste tables from the HTML page to the program.
– HTML Table Delete: The HTML Table Delete feature allows users to delete a table from the program.
– HTML Table Save: The HTML Table Save feature allows users to save the current data of the table to the program.
– HTML Table Paste: The HTML Table Paste feature allows users to paste a table from the program

Excel2HTML Interactive Crack [Mac/Win]

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Excel2HTML Interactive Activation Code Download 2022

With Excel2HTML, you can:
Use one of the Excel data sources or any web database to generate a custom table.
View/sort tables by certain columns, row number or by data type.
View/sort tables by any data column, row number or by data type.
Add image, graphs and diagrams to a cell
Export the cell formatting and styles, hyperlinks and comments as well as the data from Excel into the HTML.
Print the HTML to a PDF file for submission to a printer, etc.

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What’s New In Excel2HTML Interactive?

Excel2HTML Interactive is an easy-to-use software that allow webmasters and all potential users to directly export data in Excel to an interactive web page. The tool not only allows webmasters to save huge amounts of time, but also provides users a new way to search and sort data from their Excel files, particularly, it is much easier and cheaper to implement a new site without the programming skills.

Excel2HTML Interactive Features:

(1) Using Excel to Export data in HTML Format:

The program mainly features Excel to HTML conversion. The HTML page generated can be published to any web server via FTP, HTTP, or directly on the web. The program can export data to both excel and pdf format.

(2) Interactive Excel to HTML:

The HTML page generated can be edited directly via the HTML pages without running any complicated program such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage etc.

(3) Support excel formating:

The results page can be viewed by your current excel file. The data in the excel file can be edited or formatted using the cell-formatting functions of the excel file. Excel2HTML also support checking and correcting the HTML syntax.

(4) Support html formatting:

The tables in the HTML page can be formatted and check the html code automatically. All the HTML code can be formatted and checked by the table, font, text, link, script, video, and flash codes.

(5) Searchable Tables:

Excel2HTML provides a built-in full-text search function. Using this function, users can search data in the page without having to copy all the data to a different file and then search. The data can be searched by the cell contents or the table contents.

(6) Sortable Tables:

For all searchable tables, Excel2HTML provides the option to sort the table either ascending or descending. It also provides the option to sort the table based on the data type. For example, sort the table based on the contents of date or amount.

(7) Support multiple languages:

The program support Chinese, English, and Arabic in the export process.

(8) Built-in functions:

The program also supports all the basic functions of excel such as IF, AND, OR, IFERROR, IF, COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN, PRODUCT, SUMPRODUCT, and VLOOKUP etc.

(9) Multilanguage support:

The program can be accessed from any language. Users need to change their interface from the English interface to the language of their choice. The program can be accessed using the built-in Google Translator. The program is currently in English. But the developers plan to support Chinese in the future.

(10) Seamless Integration:

The export program

System Requirements For Excel2HTML Interactive:

* OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10
* Processor: Intel Core i3 or above
* Memory: 4GB RAM
* Storage: 70 GB free space on hard disk
* GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 270
* Resolution: 1920×1080
* Headset: Headset compatible with Windows
* GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX


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