eS³kube Compressed Facial Face Sheet tablets DIY Facial Paper Spa Skin

Price: ₹399.00 - ₹254.00
(as of Oct 01,2022 22:03:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The eS³kube compressed dry sheet masks are perfect to add your own secret ingredients and make your very own face masks. These highly absorbent paper masks can absorb toners, liquids, lotions or face care cosmetics that you prefer and turn it into a relaxing face mask in no time. They come packed in individual packets that can be carried anywhere easily due to their coin compact size.

DIY Face Mask

Stick to your home-based facial lotion or rejuvenating toner and create a sheet face mask that has your own ingredients, with these highly absorbent compressed masks.

Compressed Masks

These are a bunch of dry and individual sheet face masks that are compressed and rolled to small compact sizes such that, they can be carried easily and consumes less space.

Choose Your Cosmetic Ingredient

The masks do not contain any added cosmetic ingredient. Thus, users can choose lotions or liquids of their choice. You may use milk, egg, syrup, rose water or toners that you prefer.

Easy to Use

Just place the compressed roll in a bowl or suitable container. Pour enough cosmetic liquid such that it can soak the mask and swell it up. Unfurl the mask and it is ready to use.

Highly Absorbent Sheets

These sheets are highly absorbent. Hence, they can hold sufficient amount of toner or skin care liquid and trap the active ingredients on the skin. They can also help clean away the oil, dust and dirt on the skin.

Seal Packed Individually

Each roll of the compressed sheet mask is sealed in individual packets to keep themselves away from dust, dirt and moisture. They are compact like a coin hence convenient to carry anywhere.

Precise Cut-Outs for Convenience

Appropriate cut outs are made on the face mask for the eyes nose and the mouth. In case the cut outs are absent or are too small for usage, you can easily make the openings by using a pair of scissors.

The paper is dry, there isn’t facial product embedded in the paper
The compress facial sheet is convenient to take and save lot of space
Strong absorbency ,can clean away oil and something dirty
You need additional facial product (such as milk, syrup, etc) when you use

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