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App Version: 1.20.0
App Developer: Compile Heart
App Email: [email protected]
App Website:
App Description: ◆A new fantasy action RPG, battling against endless waves of enemies.
◆Created by the staff of Compile Heart.
◆A new fantasy action RPG where you become an immortal warrior that exist in a world where the shadows of death and the embodiment of life constantly clash.
◆Explore a vast world with multiple stories and a never-ending adventure.
◆Create a party with a group of adventurers and battle against endless waves of enemies.
◆Choose between various classes like a rogue or wizard and customize their appearance.
◆Use weapons, armors, and magic to strengthen your characters.
◆Battles against endless waves of enemies and gain EXP in solo dungeons.
◆Develop your own strategy by using random elements.
◆Multiplayer systems that expand your game experience with other adventurers.
◆A rich story that will keep you immersed in the story for hours.
◆Discover the fantastic world that Compile Heart has created.
What’s New
※v1.20.0 Update Change
-New Adventurers
-Rebalanced Party MembersThe Back Row Doctor

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Lineage That Defines You
    You start out in the Lands Between as a young Tarnished. You can choose various adventure paths to face dangerous challenges and acquire various items to aid you in your quest. You can also choose to fight to defend this beloved land.
  • A Rich Landscape
    You can jump from the open fields of the Lands Between to the battlefields of other territories occupied by Elden Knights. Along with challenging battles, you can also compete with knights in various contests, learn about the history and culture of the land, and even organize festivals of celebration and learning.
  • A Variety of Weapons and Armor
    You can decide to fight solo or pair up with a friend. Regardless, you must protect yourself using a diverse variety of weapons. Though your armor protects you from various projectiles, you can choose what type of armor best suits your play style.
  • Highly Customizable
    You can change your appearance freely and shape-shift to suit the situation. Choose the weapons and armor you want to use, and be the knight you want to be.
  • A Brand Name to be Reckoned With
    We’re Elden. We’re the best of the best knights.
    Some say the Elden symbol is enlightenment. Some say it’s a phoenix.
    Whatever you may think, we’re all confident in our own masterpieces, and we demand the highest of standards from our craftspeople.
  • Item Upgrades through Transformation
    You are a Tarnished. We’ve given you the power to use the Elden Ring’s unique power.
    Equip it, and the items you obtain can be transformed by rotating a X button.
    Turn a future-burning sword into a future-healing grenade. Turn those steely blades into a magic harpoon.
    Choose the items you want to upgrade, and change your own power by deciding to equip or unequip items.
  • A Story Expressed in the Worlds Between
  • Originally developed as a mobile game, the game has been refined and enhanced with a large number of content additions.
  • Features of Transcendence

    • An Epic Lineage

      You are in the Lands Between


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      Elden Ring Patch With Serial Key

      • Fight against enemies with YOUR GRACE
      A battle system in which your character wields a sword with the grace of the gods, and the enemy follows the flow of your sword motions, allowing you to freely fight without interruption.
      • Explore the Lands Between
      There are three large levels – in each area, a settlement, a dungeon, and a village or an abandoned town. You are free to move between them.
      • Develop Your Character with Customization
      Level up by fighting against enemies in the World Map and advancing your status. You can increase your strength, speed, vitality, and magic ability. Customize your equipment to gain a particular advantage.
      • Simple but Intense Battles
      Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game provides many battles while maintaining a simple interface. You can enjoy the dynamism and smoothness of a fantasy RPG while playing smoothly, even when you have more than eight players.

      • Single-Player Story
      The main characters are accompanied by a village elder or an adventurer who comes to assist you. You can enjoy a story that can be read.
      • Multilayer Online Game
      In addition to multiplayer, a lot of information and a shared space for trading can be enjoyed with other players. You can play the online game with ease.

      • About Gameplay

      While controlling your character, you will be able to enter new areas that have been opened due to the results of your action. In addition, if you attack an enemy, you can use the D-pad (default button) or L1 or R1 to move your character towards the cursor that appears on screen. You can also use the O button to jump. If you press the left or right buttons in the D-pad, your character will go in the direction you have pressed.

      If an enemy becomes a target when you have attacked, press the X button to hit it; however, you will not move your character. If you press the Z button, your character will get an attack bonus when you attack an enemy.

      When you use a weapon, you can only use the equipment that you own. When attacking a target, press the X button to inflict the greatest damage possible.

      When you use magic, press the X button to perform the casting. Press the Y button to use magic skills. You can use both at the same time. If the required combination of buttons is not pressed, the skill won’t be


      What’s new:

      so srsly, if you play by yourself, its really hard to take anyone seriously until you actually speak face to face with them and get to play this and or at least check out the community here on mobile and the fact that there is now a HU Gate, should have my multiplayer going in no time

      If anyone really is still playing then I’m sure they have already seen this: It’s a new game called Battle Order 8 that pretty much is your game but set in WW2 in Europe.

      Too lazy to even play that yet (still trying to live from the time I spend trying to play it), I promise I’ll post again when I get the chance.

      If anyone really is still playing then I’m sure they have already seen this: It’s a new game called Battle Order 8 that pretty much is your game but set in WW2 in Europe.

      Too lazy to even play that yet (still trying to live from the time I spend trying to play it), I promise I’ll post again when I get the chance.

      I have to say this beta is a breeze to play but the bugs that are in the game I have never seen all game long

      EDIT: That the bug making the leveling easy. It says to work atlevel 2 and I am there

      Edit2: Someone emailed me saying that on the new server the links to leveling were not clickable for some reason so I spent 30+ mins playing the game and got to level 28

      Edit 3: Still having trouble with the movement speed and how the core controls work in certain situations. There are so many options to move and attack but when I scroll through the warlord menu I still do not know the basics. All I know it to attack when I have my weapon and mount, move when the cursor turns red and attack when it turns white and hold the mouse back button

      I have to say this beta is a breeze to play but the bugs that are in the game I have never seen all game long

      EDIT: That the bug making the leveling easy. It says to work at


      Free Elden Ring Crack [2022-Latest]

      1. Select your platform from the links at the bottom of the page.
      2. Click the download button to download the game.
      3. When the download is complete, run the game file and install it on your computer.
      4. Run the game if you encounter any error while installing.
      5. If you would like to play this game in multiplayer, go to the server list on the main menu and join any available server
      6. Enjoy the game!

      Online Multiplayer

      The New Fantasy Action RPG.

      The world of Elion – a vast and mysterious world that can be assumed to be a cross between land and ocean and an island and continents – has suddenly been plunged into a nightmare.
      The very existence of Elion, which has been protected with an impenetrable force field, is now in jeopardy because of a swarm of invaders that have destroyed this force field and mercilessly attacked the Elion. The destruction of this force field has opened a way for the dark spirit of the world beyond the force field to invade the Elion and exterminate it and all of the Elion’s inhabitants.
      Through this destruction and invasion, the Elden Ring has been born.
      “The Elden Ring” (2014, PC) is an Action RPG set in an age where grand cities that they have survived after a long period of time have come into question because of the rising power of “the Elden Ring”.
      The main character’s mission is to prevent the Elden Ring from expanding their influence and to return to their Elden Lords (high-class humans).
      Together with his allies, you will battle against the enemies in an endless battle in order to expand this story and lead the Elden Ring safely to its destination.
      You can freely move around the various areas of the game, and you will be able to change your tactics and methods of battle according to the situation.
      You can choose your allies, and help them develop by carrying out tasks together with them. However, if you select an ally, then you should not choose another one unless you have verified that your current ally has completed a task that the new one cannot complete.
      In the “EPIC STYLE” mode, you can enjoy a story where all of the events you experience are connected by a single narrative thread.
      This mode is called “Asynchronous Play”.
      In the “OPTIMAL STYLE” mode, you can play at your own pace.
      Your characters


      How To Crack:

    • Ability to create a female character
    • Ability to create an adult character
    • Ability to remove the voice messages of female characters
    • Ability to remove the voice message of male characters
    • Ability to enable the removal of voice messages on the following dungeons
    • Ability to install and download additional add-ons
    • Ability to change the sound device of the game (the previous standard SSV was replaced with the GPU)
    • Ability to select the sound source of voice messages
    • Ability to change the sound volume
    • Ability to change the volume at which voice messages play
    • Display the Adventure Journal and additional data during the Adventure Journal
    • Display the Login and Buddy List screen for the game server
    • Display the beginner guide screen, in which the developer and settings can be checked or corrected in the Settings menu
    • Display the Easy (SM) and Normal (TB) difficulty icons
    • Display dungeon notifications in Easy and Normal modes
    • Display the settings of the game side cabinet in the Settings menu


    TURN ON THE AO FILE(Or Open Beta)
    In the SSE 2.1a installation folder, the ao.exe file appears in C:\Users\x\AppData\Roaming\FINAL FANTASY® ARENA OF PURE GRACE\DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (OPM-194B). To access ao from the Start menu, right-click it and select Run.


    A. Key Binding / Key Macro
    SPACEBAR: Restart Escape (PC)



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U @ 1.8 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
    Storage: 4 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    Backup any of your data, documents, files, and apps on your hard drive before playing.
    This game is a heavily graphically intensive game. If you do not have an HD Graphics card, you may experience lower-quality graphics.


    Download Setup & Crackhttps://blltly.com/2squsD

    Download Setup & Crackhttps://blltly.com/2squsD

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