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Ain’t got no money?

Over the years I’ve learned to be careful what I wish for or I might get it!. I have a son and a daughter who deserve to be happy but it’s easy to tell there’s no space, room, time, patience, or understanding for other people to have a happy family.

so if I wanted this, how did it happen? how could I get it? do you have an example of a successful transition family, or do you have a formula for making my own happy family? What are the tools you need?

Yes I enjoy high drama and thus far the melodrama is not very high. And I’ve made a list but my three kids are a little hesitant to make the list public.

If you don’t mind, please share your personal success story. I’m looking for the secret of how you got to your happy family or any hints on how to create one.

I’m also looking for any resources that have worked for my own family. I’m tired of spinning in circles.

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When you feel lost in this wonderful world just remember to have fun. That and faith and a sense of humor. Oh, and a good sense of


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