Crack of Dawn Crafts Love Greeting Card – Sending Love

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About the Startup

Sunehra KoshySunehra Koshy

Sunehra Koshy

Owner and Founder

Crack of Dawn Crafts StudioCrack of Dawn Crafts Studio

The Studio

Bangalore, India

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The Team

All-Women Stars

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Handmade Heartfelt Expressions

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Founded in April 2014, Crack of Dawn Crafts aims to create a truly memorable experience for all special occasions, offering unique, handmade and heartfelt solutions ranging from elaborate greeting cards, DIY Craft kits, albums and invitations. The name Crack of Dawn Crafts comes from my preferred time to craft. When I first started this business, as a mother to 2 small kids under the age of 5, I only found time to craft after the kids were in bed, which is why I was perpetually crafting till the ‘crack of dawn’.

After completing my MBA, I began my career in the banking sector leading a number of global operations teams supporting HSBC branches across the world. After 6 years in banking, I took a break to focus on my two children. 3 years later, I was ready to return to work but still wanted to be available for my kids. I began working as a freelance social media manager for a craft supplies store, which got me keenly interested in paper craft. 2 years later after receiving growing interest in my work and knowing that I still wanted to be available for my kids, I decided to make my hobby, my profession and that’s when I started Crack of Dawn Crafts.

What makes your product special?

Crack of Dawn Crafts stands for heartfelt, handmade expressions. We combine colour, card and ribbon along with a few embellishments to make beautiful works of art that can be cherished for years to come. The values Crack of Dawn Crafts stands for are Women Power, Constant Creativity and Quality Consciousness. We are an all-woman team and fiercely proud of how much we can do as a strong and determined group of girls. We are determined to ensure our products are different in design, colour and style compared to anything else available and that we constantly innovate. We take painstaking care with the quality of our finished goods, have well-established checks in place ensuring that each product is pristine before dispatching.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Crack of Dawn Crafts’ 8 year journey is extraordinary. Crafting on the family dining table 5 years ago has evolved to a full-fledged office with warehouses in 4 states and sales overseas. The one-woman show has grown to a diverse and growing 20-member factory. Finally, what started out as a means to supplement my family income has become the means for women from under-privileged backgrounds to support their families’ income.

On the personal front, I love that I have a job that allows me to be available for my kids, now aged 10 & 12. My work-day starts at 7:30am after the kids have boarded their school bus and ends at 3:30, when with a cup of coffee I greet the kids, bursting with stories from their day in school.

Included in the pack is a handmade card, elegantly designed with a coordinating envelope.
Add your photos or messages and make this occasion, one to remember always.
The colours of red and black coupled with kraft paper, adds to the stylish appeal to the card.
A wonderful way to celebrate Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays and any other occasion in your lover’s life.

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