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Getting some of the rows with empty fields based on the condition in another table

I am working on a project where I have to obtain a list of all the individual developers that have a specific state. After sorting each table by the State Name field, I only want to get the rows that have a completed state.
A screenshot of my query would be easier for me to explain so I do have one attached.
The final results should be:

I cannot find a way to get this done. Any suggestions would be very helpful!
select distinct [devl].[application_id]
, [devl].[first_name]
, [devl].[last_name]
, [devl].[active]
, [devl].[state]
, [devl].[zip]
, [devl].[department]
, [devl].[date_worked]
, [devl].[date_last_claimed]
, [devl].[status]
, [devl].[created_at]
from [table].[dbo].[developer] [devl]
inner join [table].[dbo].[state] [stat] on [devl].[state_id] = [stat].[state_id]
order by [stat].[name]


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