Casio Fx-cg20 Emulator !!BETTER!! 🌶️

Casio Fx-cg20 Emulator !!BETTER!! 🌶️


Casio Fx-cg20 Emulator

The Casio FXCG20 is a calculator designed for use by engineers. If you can find a copy online here it’s extremely cheap and would be a good introduction to this type of calculator. However even if you don’t have an FXCG20, you can use the emulator with any piece of software written to run on the Nspire or Casio’s FX series calculators.
The full list of features of the FXCG20 are detailed in the PDF user manual that comes with it. It doesn’t list any firmware features but the software that I’ve written is designed to be able to run on all FX series calculator.

App Introduction

The full version of my FXCG20 emulator is available here: FX CG20 Emulator V4 for Nspire and Casio FX series calculators

This is not an official Casio program! This is an emulator for use with a Casio FXCG20, Casio FX-15 and Nspire8X software programs. It’s primarily meant to help programmers write software.

Casio FXCG20 Emulator V4 for Nspire and Casio FX series software

This version contains a.xcl file which runs on both 32 and 64bit Windows and an additional.xcl file which runs on Windows ARM.

Additional.xcl files to run on the Win ARM devices:

Nspire 8X-3 – for Nspire Calc iOS

Nspire 8X Plus – for Nspire Calc Android

Nspire 8X Lite – for Nspire Calc Android

Casio FX-15 – for Casio FX series software

Casio FX-15-2 – for Casio FX-15B software

Casio FX-15H – for Casio FX-15H/15HD software

Casio FX-30 – for Casio FX-30P software

It is now possible to run the FXCG20 emulator on the (PC) desktop devices that I’ve tested it on.

The emulator can only be run on computers which have the Intel x86 architecture. It’s possible to run it on an ARM architecture device but I’ve not tested that. Also it won’t work on the Apple devices currently.

I’m currently working on a version of the emulator for Apple devices. I

but I’m not willing to invest in the necessary hardware. I have googled for devices with a similar functionality but without sucess.
My question is: Is there any existing an emulator which is close to what the TI Nspire is good at but can be used on a PC (which I can use in my lab)
Maybe also the GBA-emulator can play around with this but I doubt that it would be as easy as the Nspire.


Casio’s FX-CG20 uses a Z80 CPU at 16.77MHz and a couple of very basic (hence economical) chips. I have a unit at work and it will run digital piano sample/tune sequences with a fairly decent result. The hardware doesn’t seem all that capable but the real trick is just getting the data to it.
The CASIO FX-CG20 is available for around $135 at If you need something more powerful (24bit, 50ms sample rate, OPL3A sound chip) and you want to modify the sample data, you might want to consider the CASIO FX-Z520 ($330 at or FX-Z680 ($460 at which come with a more capable CPU (dSP-1) and speak a few more digital signal processing languages (ADPCM, DCT, DRC, MP3, WAV and MIDI).


If $F$ is a field, $\mathrm{char}(F)>0$ and $\frac{x^2}{x}=x$ for every element $x$ of $F$, prove that $x=0$ for every element $x$ of $F$

If $F$ is a field, $\mathrm{char}(F)>0$ and $\frac{x^2}{x}=x$ for every element $x$ of $F$, prove that $x=0$ for every element $x$ of $F$.

This is from an old qualifying exam paper. I do not know what the actual question was asking, but I was able to answer this particular part. Here is my argument:
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