Biology The Essentials Marielle Hoefnagels 22.pdf VERIFIED


Biology The Essentials Marielle Hoefnagels 22.pdf

The second edition of Biology: The Essentials epitomizes what the market has come to recognize as.Henry Thompson (ice hockey) Henry Edward Thompson (December 16, 1890 – February 7, 1958) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He played with the Toronto Blueshirts and New York Americans in the National Hockey League, winning Stanley Cups with both teams. Playing career Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Thompson was one of four children born to a plumber and a school teacher. He was not a good student and as a teen, he began a career on the athletic track. He won the AAU championship in 1908 and won two national AAU championships for the Madras Roses. By 1912, Thompson played for the St. Catharines Teepees of the Ontario Professional Hockey League, the era’s top level of competition. The Teepees won the league title but the Toronto Blueshirts of the National Hockey Association were not ready to expand and the NHL’s second season was postponed. Then the NHL re-constituted as a “winter” league and Thompson’s Teepees moved to the new NHL, now known as the National Hockey League, joining the St. Catharines Wolves, who had already signed Sam LoPresti and left a hole in the lineup. Thompson, playing as a rover, was one of the top players on the team. He was instrumental in his team winning the NHL’s championship the next year, after which the Wolves went to the Stanley Cup Finals, but lost to the Hamilton Tigers. After the season, the Toronto Blueshirts of the NHL purchased the Wolves’ players and Thompson became one of the franchise’s top stars in the 1913-14 season, despite missing time because of the Spanish flu. The Blueshirts were the first NHL team to have a captain in position “A”. Thompson helped the Blueshirts win the NHL Stanley Cup. When the 1917-18 NHL season started, the Blueshirts merged with the Hamilton Tigers, who had been the Toronto Arena Company’s top team, to form the Toronto St. Patricks. Thompson returned to the Blueshirts and helped the team win the Stanley Cup again. By 1920, Thompson had become the most accomplished player in the NHL, playing centre with the Cats in three Stanley Cup Final series. His best season was in 1918-19, when he scored 25 goals and 16 assists for 41 points in 33 games. Over the next decade, Thompson was one


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