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The famous definition of piracy is the act of obtaining an illegal copy or using an unofficial version of a software. You might be thinking that if a software is not officially made available for it then how can the process of piracy be applicable? It is important to understand that when a company makes a software available on its website, it is called an option to download which means that there is a chance that you might get a working copy for free.

It is important to note that downloading crack or cracked software not only illegally copies the software but also it goes against the websites own terms and conditions, so whenever you decide to download a cracked software it is always better to search first for the original version of the software and do a google search to find the links for downloading that. But if you still intend to download a cracked software then you need to be aware of a few steps. First step is ensure the website you are about to download from is safe and legitimate.

This may seem stupid but be sure to check the file-size of the cracked software, if the software is available in 192MB or larger than that then you should not go for it because this means that it has been cracked in order for the company to make some extra bucks. Secondly, I will warn you that these links are risky and I don’t recommend going for these links, especially when it involves downloading torrent files

Secondly is it legal to download cracked software or not. The website that we are going to tell you about is completely legitimate and the site owner is perfectly fine with the process of providing cracked software for free but remember that if it is illegal in your country, your internet provider or your computer, all of this would go up in flames. Well, if you are not going to be held liable after the software is cracked then why would we make fun of it?

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