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I watched your preteen furry ass pictures and those hard nipples on the girls-very hot pics. i liked the girls hair and the young girl pussy and tight ass, you had in those pics that little body. Can I watch more? dRunning in the same league as Hollywood icons such as Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra, an affluent motoring magazine is now being staffed by some of the world’s top motorsport drivers.

Sportscar365 spoke to front row driver and team owner Jonathan Bomarito, who is considered one of the rising stars of the racing industry and is one of the new recruits at RACER.

He will join the outfit along with fellow Formula Drift podium finisher Colin Braun, Porsche Carrera Cup and Blancpain GT racing ace Michael Lewis, and more.

“I think what makes RACER different is that we have great diversity,” Bomarito said. “We’re not trying to be the ESPN of racing; we’re just trying to have a little diversity. It’s like having a chef in the kitchen, a tailor and having a bookkeeper.

“We know what we do best. I’m a Motorsports representative, and I believe my skill set is perfect for the company. Being able to discuss concepts and share ideas with Michael, Colin, Jonathan – just to have these guys there are some really great guys I am super excited to meet.”

“I’m sure there will be a great team already in place, and my job is to fit into that team and really push from there.”

After building his own car racing career, Bomarito moved into the motorsport industry as a test and development driver at Williams. He then spent a season in IndyCar before making a move into sports car racing with Aston Martin Racing.

Bomarito is currently a BMW factory driver and has earned three FIA


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